National Poetry Month Poem A Day Challenge. The following (or series) of images are prompts for you to create your own poems. Today is #Day 12 Here is (are) today’s image(s). Please share your poem(s) on the comment section or share a link at the same place. Thank you for taking up El Razafotografista’s poetry prompt challenge.

Prompt: You enter the twilight zone and see the the signal on the train track, warped. Tell what happened to the sign.


National Poetry Month Poem A Day Challenge. The following (or series) of images are prompts for you to create your own poems. Today is #Day 11. Here is (are) today’s image(s). Please share your poem(s) on the comment section or share a link at the same place. Thank you for taking up El Razafotografista’s poetry prompt challenge.

Prompt: You find the code to these Mesoamerican hyroglyphs, what do they say?







Four way crossing at Boneyard Road.

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This is a one year anniversary tribute to my Tio Onivas Jose Sandoval, who journeyed to the other world a year ago today. My Tio was one of the humblest of men and had a heart of gold. He would was from the old world. He believed in respect and hard work. He was a man of dignity. He was a man who loved his family and his children with all his heart. My Tio was devoted to La Virgen de Guadalupe, singing her songs in the mornings in the loudest of voices. My Tio was an awesome man.

May you rest in peace, Tio.

Angelo J. Sandoval
(c) 03-24-2014

Its been a year,
Un ano.
Quando el mundo cambio por siempre
Nuestro Tata Dios mando
sus angels to call home
a la eterna Morada
a su hijo querido.
Los Angeles llegaron
con sus trompetas sonando
la musica santa de Dios
cantando las glorias y alegrias del Cielo.

A pasar un ano
la tristeza viene y se van
los recuerdos de tiempos pasados
las alegrias
las tristezas
todos son recuerdos de tu vida

Hace un ano que al cielo
de fuiste
te fuiste a estar con tus padres
hermanos, y tus sobrinos

Hace un ano que a tu
casa celestial te fuiste

Hace un ano que te reuniste
con tu querida, como paso la reunion?
Como fue tu primer visita con mi Tia
al llegar al cielo?

Le ruego al Senor que
tu corazon sea lleno
de alegria al llegar a ver a tu querida
y los demas de la familia

Hace un ano que al cielo te fuiste
este ano que paso
no recordamos du muerte,
pero celebramos los recuerdos de tu vida.

Hace un ano y el mundo
no es lo mismo si tu presencia
Hace un ano, pero no te hemos olvidado.
Hace un ano, y todavia recordamos
tus consejos y cuentos que nos cuentabas.
Hace un ano.

Meet this month’s feature at the Española Poetry Explosion.


Sheri Lopez is a little lady who was born in Albuquerque on August 22, 1985. That makes her 28 for those of you who hate math. She has a little man named Dominic who is pretty much the radest creature on the face of the earth, at least to her. He is almost two and this makes Sheri very nervouse because he can already run faster than her which is forcing her to get into shape to catch him. Mostly because she does not want to be one of those mother who has her child on a leash. But that is neither here, nor there, since this should be about her writing.

She has been writing her whole life, mainly short stories, but poetry is fun for her too. She does this in her free time or at 3 in the morning for some odd reason. Sheri really likes 3am. And in those tiny moments when the world inspires her she takes phrases and hordes them until they become a piece. This also happens to be the first time she has ever been a featured anything and it makes her nervous. But all in all she hopes you all like what she has to offer and she thanks you for coming.

(By the way, Sheri wrote this, but it is hard for her to talk about herself so she chose the third person format. Sheri hopes you do not mind and possibly think it is funny).
With love,




Angelo J. Sandoval
(c) 1-26-2014

I visited sacred ground
a place that holds healing powers
from ancient times
a sacred place where
pilgrims of all corners
of the earth come in search
of healing dirt.

Sacred site to ancient
cultures and peoples of these lands.
I visit this sacred place
to celebrate sacred rituals
remembering miracles of
years pasted,
honoring antepasados
and the faith they left behind.

I approach a place of prayer
to visit La Virgen Morena
in her nicho de pierda.
I see her faithful servant
and her chosen witness,
witness to a great miracle.
Juan Diego, solo en es nichito
La Virgencita, no estaba.

It was said, the image of
La Morenita had been stolen.
The worst of all sins,
made its way to a place of holiness.
The faith of my antepasados has been
offended with such an act of cowardness
There is an emptiness at the nichito
Juan Diego, solo
en busca de su Ninita querida.

Offering prayers,
having esperanza y fe
Que el perdon alcanse
a esa alma que se llevo
a mi Morenita.
Que mi Morenita lo
quide y lo cobije con su manto.

The sacrilege of the world
has entered sacred ground.
Respect for sacred spaces
has begun to crumble
like old adobe walls.
Respect has lost its place
in a world where ancient wisdom
has been shoved in nooks and
crannies of society.

Sacred spaces have lost there value
in a society where money is glorified
above the teachings of our antepasados.
La fe de los antepasados se pierde
un poco cada dia
Ya ni respecto hay pa’ las cosas de Dios.
Los tiempos cambian pero los valores
de la comunidad no soponen de cambiar
con l out s tiempos,
pero a hece fin a llegado este mundo.

Angelo J. Sandoval
(c) 1-20-2014

The drive home,
I witnessed God’s beauty
the sunset over the
Jemez Mountains
from the top of the world,
Las Truchas
pais de mi bis-abuelo
as I drove to the edge of the town
an ancient symbol
standing tall
the brightness of the last
bit of light over the horizon
the silhouette de la cruz
to my left peripheral view.

Recuerdos de tiempos pasados
run through my mind
me recuerdo de los dias
de mis antepasados
las voces de hombres de fe
oigo las tonadas de alabados
se oyen las oracienes cantadas
el llanto del pito
viene y va como el vientecito.

I look at the beauty
of an ancient symbol
on top of the mountain
its silhouette resonates
an ancient history full
of faith and devotion.

The last glimpse of the day’s light
fades behind the mountain
the cross steadfast
with its presence
of an ancient past
which lives strong today
as it did decades ago.

Los antepasados
nos dejaron un simbolo
De fe que traiyan en su corazon.



Feliz Año Nuevo 2014

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Angelic J. Sandoval
(c) 12-24-2013

Glorioso San Francisco de Asis
gracias le doy
gracias por la imagen
de la Sagrada Familia
con el Niñito Jesus
en el pesebre.
Celebramos el nacimiento
del Niño Jesus
quien due anunciado por
el Ángel Gabriel.

Niñito Jesus
Salvador del los Pecadores.

Niñito Jesus
Gloria tenemos
En rata Nichols de su nacimento
Fuiste mandado al mundo
Pot ones de Nuestra Tata Dios.
Veniste al mundo
con enseñansa de amor

Niñito Jesus
sus bendiciones le pido
le pido que a mis hijas
las quides y guies
en este mundo engañoso.

Niñito Jesus
de rodillas vengo
Vengo a darle gracias
por todo lo que me has dado.
El regalo de ser padre,
una dicha mas grande que el mar.
Gracias le duo una vex mas.

Glorioso San Francisco
La Natividad de Jesus
que dejaste
para nosotros,
Los fieles del Niñito Jesus.
Gracias le damos
Oh, Santo humilde.

Poem & Images: Humble Words

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Angelo J. Sandoval
(c) 04-15-2013

Empty road between
Tierra Amarilla y Española
ending a day of service
to my community
driving, listed to
static filled speakers
the sound becomes clear
the sound is crisp
the song begins to play

“desdel cielo una hermosa mañana
desdel ceilo una hermosa mañana
la guadalupana, la guadalupana
bajo al tepeya”

memories of my childhood
run to mind as the
song that was sung by
my Tio has made his ever lasting
presence known
like the days of my youth,
my Tio would sing to la virgen
as he started his day,
walking to visit someone
to go help someone
or simply to take a morning walk.

devotion to la morenita
was strong
she blessed my Tio with
a happy life
kids, grandkids, great grandkids
nieces, nephews
many friends
and siblings.

I know when my Tio
is visiting
presence manifesting
through cantos de fe.
las apiraciones de la guadalupana
as it describes her appearance
it will serve as a symbol
a symbol my Tio
has come to visit

“a mi no me creen a mi no me creen
por humilde que so”

humble words for a humble man




La Guadalupana, in honor of my Tio Onivas