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David Martinez is a native of Northern New Mexico, with his roots in El Rito, Canjilon and Chimayo. His work with different community efforts to bring poetry and arte to the Espanola Valley and the northern part of New Mexico are part of his interests. David helped organize events such as Bomb the Gazebo, Homegrown: Bridging Eras Through Arte y Palabra, and coordinates safe-sex informational booths for community events including Spañapalooza.

David’s roots in northern New Mexico have a profound impact on his writing, his activism and his daily life. David has had work published in various publications, including an op-ed piece published on various blog sites including New Mexico Politics and the New Mexico Media Literacy Project. David has been published in two volumes of Declamacion, is the first poet to feature twice at Speak, Poet and has featured at Poetry at the Library in Española, NM. David is a stylist in Española and currently resides in Chimayo.

Did you know that Angelo J. Sandoval is one of only two people who have been to EVERY Speak, Poet (besides host Andrea Serrano)?Read more about one half of June’s dynamic features!

Angelo J. Sandoval, a.k.a. El Jello, a.k.a. El Razafotografista was born and raised in San Antonio de Padua del Pueblo Quemado, today known as Cordova, New Mexico. Angelo is a graduate of McCurdy High School, class of 1996. Angelo attented Northern New Mexico where he earned 1 certificate in practical nursing and earned 3 associate degrees in Libral Arts: General Studies, Nursing Science and Human Services. After 9 years at Northern, Angelo transfered to New Mexico Highlands Universtiy where he earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Social Work. His graduate degree was in clinical social work with an enphises in Bilingual/Bicultural Clinical Social Work. Angelo is 3 photo projects away from graduating from the New York Institute of Photography.

Angelo currently lives in Cordova with his wonderful and beautiful girlfriend Amanda Salinas and his two beautiful daughers, Esperanza and Isabella Sandoval.

Angelo’s photography adventures began in 2005 after a 15 day road trip from Ciudad Juarez to El Districto Federal, Ciudad Mexico, Mexico. Angelo was on a 15 day road trip learning about El Camino Real and Aztec Civilization. After his trip and 20 plus rolls of film, Angelo became intrested in learning more about photography. Since 2005, Angelo, has photographed events such as Los Pastores, Las Posadas, and a car show. Currently, Angelo, is working with Speak, Poet: Voz, Palabra y Sonido in Burque and with Poetry at the Library in Spana. Angelo is photographing and documenting poets from Burque to Spana and place in between.

Angelo became intrested in reading poetry after a family friend entrustt him to take care of pook of poetry. Angelo began writting poetry in the summer 2009.

Angelo’s photography has been published by La Sierra newspaper in San Luis, Co. Angelo has multiple poems in two editions of Declamacion. Angelo had a poem published in La Bloga in 2011. Currently is poetry is being considered for publication in an Anthongy beging put together by Poets Responding to SB 1070. A Facebook Page promoting poetry about imagration and the racist laws beign passed in Arizona.

Aside from photographing Speak Poet and Poetry at the Library, Angelo has photographed poetry events such as Librotraficanta, the Poet Louriate in 2009 in Burque and at The Projects at the East of Edith reading. Angelo has also been working with La Danza Azteca/Chichimeca for the past several years documenting the Velacion y Ceremonia de Nuestro Senor de Chalma.

Angelo’s poetry and photograpy are his gifts to his daughters and community at large. The madness behind Angelo’s photography and poetry is to preserve and promote old traditions, freezing moments in time for future generations to be inspired to learn about their past and identy. All of this is inspired by Angelo’s culture, traditions, history and the desire to promote Chicano Arte and Lituteria, giving young people heros and heroins in the arts of all genres.

El Quemado- La Merced

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El Pueblo Quemado

(c) 2010 Angelo J Sandoval

sentado en mi portalito
wachando las montañas
la sierrato the south of my canton

la floresta now claims
that sierra
esa sierra, was and is
will always be
El Quemado Land Grant
La Merced del Pueblo Quemado

Mis antepasados
lost there merced
to the Pinche government
in a court system
with a foreign language

The Treaty of Hidalgo
Violated. mi tierra sagrada
me las robaron

in a justice system
that is not color blind
a system that only sees
lota dos colored
blanco y Verde

Yah, that’s right,
white and green
white skin, green dollars
this, was what my antepasados
lacked, what they didn’t have
when entering the court room

Las gentes de bronze, hijos, hijas
de reyes y nobles
Españoles y Mexicas
we are decendants of two
Royal Peoples
una mezcla de
Español y Mexica

indigenos del norte y Español
we are the people of the sun
la gente del sol

y poco presto

llegara el sector sol
la justica llaga con el sexto sol
mis antepasados trabajaron la
tierra con su
le dieron vida al pueblo de
San Antoñio de Padua del Pueblo Quemado
to you, Cordova, NM




My prayer and my gift to my Aztec/Mexica brothers and sisters. I hope that you enjoy this poem and photos. I am honored to be able to photograph Ceremonia y la Danza.

Mi oracion y regalo a mis hermanos y hermanas Azteca/Mexica. Espero que disfruten de esta poems y los fotos. Es in honor poder tomar estos fotos de Ceremonia y la Danza.


© 2010 Angelo J. Sandoval

Regresamos otro ano
a un lugar sagrado
vinemos a ofrecer
el humo del copal blanco.

La Danza de los Mexica
en honor de Nuestro Senor De Chalma
El Cristo Negro, Nuestro Senor De Esquipulas
uno en Mexico
y otro en Guatemala

La noche estave oscura
la luz de las luna
dando luz al camino
los cuatro puntos cardinales

De estos cuatro puntos
han llegado unas familias
a dar honra a Cristo
la forma de dar honra
es la danza Mexica.

Un tiempo de reciber
bendiciones del Creador
pasar una noche en
oracion con los fieles.

La Fe es la fuerza
del humano, que estas oraciones
triagan paz al mundo
un mundo lleno del maligno

con la danza y el alabado
que mi tata dios mande
su bendicion
que su mano poderosa
sane las eridas del mundo

Las ofrendas del copal blanco
que su humo lleve
las oraciones a Nuestro tata Dios
y con la Virgen Sagrada
traiga paz al mundo y a Nuestras familias.

Durante la ceremonia lunar
las mujeres, aquillas mujeres
escojidas por la mano de Dios
pusieron las flores y vistieron
El Cendal.

El Cendal, viesto la Santa Cruz,
la cruz de Cristo
leno de vida
con sus cuatro puntos
junto con los cuatro vientos.

Que las oraciones de esta
velacion triaga paz,
que sane nuestra communidad
de las eridas del mundo
siempre tenendo en nuestros
corazones estas palabras





Photos used with permission by the Danzantes. Always keeping in mind that Danza is a sacred ceremony and a prayer. Please respect the photos by not downloading if you are not a danzante or do not have there permission. Thank you for understanding and respecting this sacred tradition.

La Ceremonia y Danza de Nuestro Señor de Chalma Mayo 25 y 26 2012. Empeza el 25 a las 9 de la noche. Vengan al Santuario de Chimayo, iglesia de Nuestro Señor de Esquipulas. Unos fotos y una poema de la Danza.

La Danza

© 2009 Angelo J. Sandoval

La Noche Estaba Oscura
Y fria, llegando
al Santuario de Chimayo
Era la celebración del
Cristo Negro de Chalma

Esta noche es celebrada
Por un grupo de familias Familias
de una tradición
Antigua, han llegado
Llegado a las tierras
De sus antepasados

Los Danzantes Azteca/Chichimeca
Triendo sus alabanzas,
Sus danzas a las
Tierras del Norte
Dando, dejando,llevando Bendiciónes

El Copal Blanco Con su aroma tan, Tan saludable al Alma, Su humo llevando, llevando Nuestras penas al Señor
La aroma del copal blanco
Con su humo llevando
Las penas del sacrificio
Al Cristo Negro
Las Imagenes de Chalma y Esquipulas

Los Danzantes, La Malinche
Ofreciendo con danza y
El Copal Blanco,
las Oraciones, las penas
Al Cristo Negro

Fue una bendicion
Una bendición que
Llego de los tiempos
Antiguas al presente
Para alivar a los
Que sufren

Que bella la Danza
Que dulce y saludable
El Copal Blanco
Que bendición
El Cristo Negro






Photos used with permission by the Danzantes. Always keeping in mind that Danza is a sacred ceremony and a prayer. Please respect the photos by not downloading if you are not a danzante or do not have their permission. Thank you for understanding and respecting this sacred tradition.

(c) 2012
Angelo J. Sandoval

Like all Dreamers
High school students
In Arizona had dreams,
Dreams of learning the truth
La verdadera historia de su gente

En in momento de racismo
Todo esto se perdio
En una elecion llena de racismo.
The racist politicios in the words embeded in legislation that contradicts the law of the land el Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Constitution of The United States grants these Dreamers the right to learn there history, allows all to learn history from the views,
Of the oppressed,
Those who, ” lost the war”
The conquered.

In those banned books
Are the keys to events
That have and will continue to create a change so powerful
That the fascist, racist
Fear, fear that one day those they oppress will become leaders, the leaders who will lead with
Heart, compassion, equality, justice.
Librotraficantes have come together to help the Dreams reach the dreams they hold dear to there hearts.
Un sueño Que es Esperanza
A nuestra comunidad.
Gentes de todos rumbos
En la guerra para la justica.

Librotraficantes en in viaje des de
Houston a Tucson,
Llegando a Mesilla y Burque
Nuevo Mexico.
Nuevo Mexicanos
Siempre en la lucha dando
Esquina a sus compadres y comadres en la lucha por la justcia.

Nuevo Mexicanos siempre en el corazon los derechos encerados en esos documentos de libertar y justica.

The Dreamers in Az and the rest of this land will make this dream come true.

In the words of Corky,
“We shell endure, we will endure.”





Photos courtesy of El Razafotografista y Campana de Esperanza Fotography


Great poets, come out and listen to some great poetry. Come share your words or just come and enjoy the features and open Mic poets.

MC: Adán Baca
Venue host: Teddie Reihl
Photography: Compana de Esperanza Fotography

Here it is bio #1. Read about Loretta Trujillo de Santa Fe.

Loretta is full time mother and teacher, part time poet born and raised in Santa Fe, Nuevo Mejico.  She has been writing and performing poetry for the last 15 years. Most recently, Loretta has been dabbling in songwriting and playing acoustic guitar as well as collaborating with Manuel “Cros” Esquivel on a hip hop project called “The Bohemian Rap CD.”

May features at Speak, Poet: Voz, Palabra y Sonido

Anna Martinez, raised by an oil painter/postal worker father and substitute teacher/closet singer mother, is the oldest of five who can’t paint or sing and had always envied the artistic talent that passed her by and landed on her siblings. Born in L.A. but land-lock raised in Santa Cruz de la Cañada with salt water still flowing through her veins, she discovered her own art by writing love poems for boy-crazy friends in junior high in exchange for cambio to buy Hot Fries and Oatmeal Cakes out of the Tom’s machine. Published only in student publications in her past life, she currently holds title as city XXX Haiku and Chicano/a Slam Champ, and to this day uses her poems as currency for getting into poetry readings for free. Anna is a mother of four kids more adversarial, loud-mouthed, and ham-it-up than she, who fell asleep a cabróna one day and woke up an abogada the next.

A past member of five national poetry slam teams (Worcester, Mass. (x2), Washington, D.C., Wilmington, Del. and Albuquerque, N.M.), Rich Boucher has published four chapbooks of poetry and for seven years hosted an open reading and slam in Newark, Delaware. Since moving to Albuquerque in March of 2008, Rich has been performing and writing steadily in the Duke City, and is a regular contributor/editor at Living day to day with physical abnormalities caused by the consumption of Monsanto’s supercorn, Rich is also an educator, adventurer and an unlicensed psychic. Rich’s poems have appeared in Adobe Walls: An Anthology of New Mexico Poetry, Brawler, Crack the Spine, Extract(s), Fickle Muses, Grey Sparrow Journal, HyperText, Lyre Lyre, The Rag, The Malpais Review, Clutching at Straws, Shot Glass Journal, Missive, Mutant Root, Poydras Review, Sparkbright, The Mas Tequila Review, The Yellow Ham, Borderline, 200NewMexicoPoems and The Legendary. In January of 2012, Rich appeared on the album, “Dylan – Philadelphia pays tribute to a Legend”, an album featuring various Philadelphia artists performing covers of Dylan songs to benefit Amnesty International and the End Hunger Network; Rich’s contribution to the album was a spoken-word rendition of Bob Dylan’s “My Back Pages”. Hear some of his poems at

Photographs taken at earlier Speak, Poet events at El Chante: Casa De Cultura. The host for Speak Poet is Andrea Serrano.