Librotraficante photos and poem.

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

(c) 2012
Angelo J. Sandoval

Like all Dreamers
High school students
In Arizona had dreams,
Dreams of learning the truth
La verdadera historia de su gente

En in momento de racismo
Todo esto se perdio
En una elecion llena de racismo.
The racist politicios in the words embeded in legislation that contradicts the law of the land el Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Constitution of The United States grants these Dreamers the right to learn there history, allows all to learn history from the views,
Of the oppressed,
Those who, ” lost the war”
The conquered.

In those banned books
Are the keys to events
That have and will continue to create a change so powerful
That the fascist, racist
Fear, fear that one day those they oppress will become leaders, the leaders who will lead with
Heart, compassion, equality, justice.
Librotraficantes have come together to help the Dreams reach the dreams they hold dear to there hearts.
Un sueño Que es Esperanza
A nuestra comunidad.
Gentes de todos rumbos
En la guerra para la justica.

Librotraficantes en in viaje des de
Houston a Tucson,
Llegando a Mesilla y Burque
Nuevo Mexico.
Nuevo Mexicanos
Siempre en la lucha dando
Esquina a sus compadres y comadres en la lucha por la justcia.

Nuevo Mexicanos siempre en el corazon los derechos encerados en esos documentos de libertar y justica.

The Dreamers in Az and the rest of this land will make this dream come true.

In the words of Corky,
“We shell endure, we will endure.”





Photos courtesy of El Razafotografista y Campana de Esperanza Fotography


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