Alamosa Father’s Day Car Show: Remembering the Good Old Days

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

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Here are a few instagram fotos from todays car show in Alamosa, Co.



On Father’s day, 2012 I went with my family and homies to the Alamosa, Co. Father’s day Car show. Above are a few instargam photos I took that day. I also took many more photos with my Nikon.

This post holds images that brings back childhood memories. I grow up in Cordova with Tios and cousins who owned lowriders. My tio Allen “El Famoso” Sandoval owned a ’72 Monte Carlo with hydraulics, my Tio Randy “Hoso” (Bear) Sandoval owned a Chrysler Cordoba, not sure what year, Tio Spunky (David Montoya, married to my Tia Amy) had various cars, most notable were his ’79 Cady Coup de Ville and his ’85 Cutless Supreme. My primos David (Raton) Trujillo had a Thunderbird, can’t remember the year and his brother Michael “Buffalo” Trujillo has a ’69 Chevy Impala. I was given a ’75 Pontiac Grand Prix by my mom and I customized my ’90 Ford Ranger.

Lowriding was a hobby I got to love since I was a young child. Growing up I remember going to Espanola on Friday nights, Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons. Town was packed. The cruisers drove 20-30 miles an hour at most. It was like time was standing still. All the vatos cruising with their baby dolls and others alone. At night, some vatos, like my Tio Allen, had scrap plates on the front axle and they would scrape and colorful sparks would come out of that. I remember my Tio Allen talking about the times he would scrap from the Sonic in San Pedro to the Sonic by Fairview Lane.

I remember going to the La Joya St. car wash or the Conoco car wash across from Sonic. Back then the car wash by Sonic was a gas station, convenience store and car wash. Today they still have to manual car wash, but the store and gas station were torn down and an automatic car wash was built. There are days when the old part of the car wash has people, community members keeping the lowrider tradition alive. Washing the old school lowriders as family with their friends, some old and some friends made that day.

(to be continued)


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