Po’Pay: These images are from the unveiling in 2005 at San Juan Pueblo

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It’s been a few weeks that I posted these pictures of Po’Pay. For the last fee weeks I’ve been wanting to write a poem to acompany my photos. Many ideas ran through my mind. Today there were posts celebrating tre victory of the Pueblos over the Spanish and the following poem is a tribute to that victory.

Poem: Untitled

(c) Angelo J. Sandoval
August 10, 1012

Revolution and Rebellion
has been a part of
the history of Nuevo Mexico
for centuries.
Siglos de revolucíon y rebelión
han existido en estas tierras de
Nuevo Mexico.

In 1598 a force of an unknown
world entered and conquered the
lands known today as New Mexico.
With sword and cross in each hand
the Crown of España sent
a conqueror to colonize
the lands of the North
claiming new lands for
Crown and Church.
More gold for the King and Queen,
More savage souls to convert to the Church.
In there quest for supremacy,
they oppressed the ancient
peoples of this land of el Norte.
A people who have existed here for centuries.

82 years of Indigenous suppression,
82 years of attempted cultural shattering,
82 years of attempted eradication of language.

From the land of Ohkay Owinge
arouse a leader, a leader
with a vision to return to
the times of the ancestors
Arrested by Spanish soldiers
accused of witchcraft for practicing tradicional healing
only to be released.

Relocating to Taos,
Po’Pay began
empezo a trazar una campaña
de rebelión contra los Españoles.

Con in cavrestro con niudos,
cada niudo, era in dia.
Cada Pueblo que tenia un cavrestro
desasilla un niudo cada dia cuando
hasta llegar el dia del rebelión.

Todo paso in dia temprano
el dia 10 de Agosto
Po’Pay y los demas de guerreros Pueblanos
empezaron la revuelta de Los Pueblos
contra la Corona de España y los Partes de la Iglesia.

400 Españoles murieron y
los de mad al Paso del Norte se fueron.
Revolucion y Rebelión
en la tierra de Nuevo Mexico
con esto empezo
la historia de revolucion
en la tierra de Nuevo Mexico.

332 años, todavia celebramos
cuando las genteel Indigenas
ganaron su independencia
de los Españoles y la Iglesia.

La idioma, cultura y practicas antiguas
fueron perservadas con la ganada
de la rebelión
se perservaron las costumbres
de los antepasados.

Una batalla para perservar
el modo de viver.

  1. Beautiful. Gracias for the reminder.

  2. Gerard Escamilla says:

    Wonderful. Me da gusto to see your beautiful work and accomplishments. As always, you are a true asset to the people of Nuevo Mexico. Que viva hermano! Adelante!

  3. Josefina Salinas says:

    Angelo you have again have declared your beautiful talent of poet, commentary and historian. Po’pa has been greatly honored he was a great leader and healer..

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