Speak, Poet: Voz,Palabra y Sonido Julyb12, 2012.Voices to Listen For Series

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Meet the featured Poets for July’s Speak Poet. This month’s Features are part of the Voices to Listen for Series. Photos and Bios, read below and learn about these amazing poets.


This Thursday! One of our features in the Voices to Listen For Series – Introducing Akusua Akoto!

“A New Mexican (Green Chilean) for the last 8 years, I am currently a student at UNM studying Psychology and Gender Studies, In my past life, I have been a graphic designer, painter, songwriter, dancer and even welder. In my current life, I am still a writer of poetry, songs and many unfinished novels. I have a I drink iced coffee, annoy my neighbors, and get easily distracted by 80s trivia. I use my work as a platform to get people to understand life with mental illness and and caring for a parent with mental illness. I like for my work to be brutal, confessional and disarming. Through this showing of pain, I find tremendous vulnerability and healing.


Introducing another feature – Volatalistic Phil! Come on out on Thursday to hear him read!

“I am a male author currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was born and raised in the “Land of Enchantment.” I am a recovering alcoholic/addict. I have an interest in people and the community around me. I enjoy taking part in experiences that can help enrich myown life as well as the lives of those around me.

I’m interested in: Chinese food, Vietnamese food, God, books, knowledge, cars, movies, music, school, Dickies, Zebra Cakes, Monster Energy drinks, Chuck Taylor Converse All-Star shoes, Chuck Taylor, thecolor green, the color blue, names that start with N, J, K, V and M. I’m also interested in black holes, and I’d like to someday find where Gotham City is actually located.”


Yet another one of the Fantastic Four – meet Elizabeth Maestri!

Elizabeth Maestri, born November 22nd 1986 grew up with an appreciation for the art of writing. Her grandmother, Lucille Mulcahy is a published author who is a local inhabitant of Albuquerque New Mexico and has been influential in developing her granddaughter’s artistic style. At Eight years old, Elizabeth published her first piece in the Albuquerque Journal kid’s corner depicting a young girl and her encounter with a ghost. By age 11, she won a city wide essay contest “A senior citizen I know”. During her later school years she became more involved in performing arts, particularly musicals, which incorporated her love of music, having also participated in the Albuquerque Girls’ Choir, and chorus throughout high school. The eighth grade was the first year that Elizabeth was truly introduced to poetry by her English teacher, Ms. Sheryl Chard. Sheryl was the first to encourage her pupil to read her poetry outside of school; unfortunately she did not take Ms. Chard’s advice. Until the spring semester of 2012, Elizabeth had fallen off the face of the Earth. Thanks to an inspiring creative writing poetry teacher, Mr. Patrick Houlihan, another poet is back in the world with a vengeance. Elizabeth is currently trying to be published for the first time as a poet and continues to search for her own poetic voice.


Native Burquena, Milly Leyva has been writing poetry since she could spell, and has been preforming for 6 years. Her writing is typically inspired by life experiences, things that go unseen or unnoticed, as well as the notion of poetry itself. She enjoys painting and chocolate truffles.

Speak, Poem is held at El Chante: Case de Cultura and hosted by Andrea Serrano.


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