Poem and Photos: Este Lugar

Posted: June 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Este Lugar

Esta un lugar en este mundo
un lugar lleno de historia y cuentos
this place has been around for a
long time
no matter where a person goes
   you will find this place
a place where ancient creatures,
   ancient peoples and civilizations
come to life
A place donde la sabeduria de los
    esta guardada por los siglos.
Ancient wisdom which has been
    pasted down, generation to
A place that is simple, yet can he
    where languages co-exist.
A place which was once, only
allowed to
    the rich. now it is a place allowed
    those who chose to come here.
in some areas this place is banned
    banned because it brings to life
    truth, injustice and inequality
Banned because its contents cause fear
    in people who refuse to enter its walls.
poeple judge its soft walls and at times its solid walls
judge its interior by the art on the walls
    the words on the wall.
this place has been banned in masses
this place has lead many to success and has opened the doors to good and evil
This place carries within it the laws of
     the land, the healing of the land
     secrets to justice and equality.
This place is found in all shapes and sizes
gget are times its age gives a sweet smell
this place is never. far, this place is a
     great escape.
this place can be the greatest to visit
      and at times, a sad place to be in
this place,
este lugar,

Un Libro




The above photos are available to buy at http://instacanv.as/el_jello.


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