Poem by: Amanda Salinas. Danced with the Devil

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Her mother prayed pleading with the heavens to save her daughters soul….
woman/child primping
for a night out Ignoring disapproving glances
As she bathed in perfumed soaps and painted her pale lips bright red. devout Catholics
Kneeling at altars
filled with lit candles, saints, and despair…

Fear and Catholic guilt
tugging at her heart
As she arrived
at a small bar
Where sinners gathered
during lent
Tables sticky with stale beer,tears and lost chances.
Music screaming over laughter,petty fights and drug induced serenity.

A Handsome man takes her hand Asks her to dance
With hands on her hips
careful guiding
something she knew long ago

In his arms their bodies swaying to the music moving like flames of eternity.
Holding her close Like any lover could
Looking deep in her eyes, burning her soul exposing vulnerability Whispers of sweet lies filled her head. Enticing sin.
taking her in as she
wondered about a God
who never came to save her
never heard her pleas…
Wondering Why?
She danced with the devil….



Photos courtesy of Campana de Esperanza Fotography. Available for purchase at http://instacanv.as/el_jello

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