Poem: Dishonored Icon Images from Tierra Amarilla

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Driving into Tierra Amarilla
I see the familiar image on the
left hand side of the road.
The image,
un guerrero who resembles Emiliano Zapata,
Mexican Revolution.
The sign reads,
“Viva Zapata”
“Tierra o Muerte”
A battle cry from the 1960s
Land Grant Movement.
1967, a year that changed Nuevo Mexico.
Tijerina y La Allianza
storm the Tierra Amarilla Court House
in search of justice,
a justice that has been denied to
hiars of Spanish and Mexican Land Grants.
Police officers shot in the search for district attorney, Sanchez.
The history is kept below the radar
nuestros jovenes, denied the knowledge
of our struggle to regain our lands
a struggle to maintain the the lands
that our antepasados worked, gave blood and sweat
to produce a livelihood that would sustain our familias for generations.
I drive into Tierra Amarilla and see that iconic image
with its battle cry, “Tierra o Muerte”
Calling out “Viva Zapata”.
I see two arrows de-facing our image of
our image of
a forgotten time
our image
of El Guerrero del Movimento de La Mercedes.

This image below is the image that has been shot at with arrows.


This image is was taken a few weeks prior, it not yet been shot with arrows.



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