Poem: Alcatraz: Sacred Journey with images of Alcatraz Island

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Poems and Photos

As my Love and I prepare for our trip to Oakland and San Francisco I recall my past journeys to the Bay area. I have traveled several times to Oakland and visited San Francisco as well.

I’ve been to Alcatraz Island twice. During those to visits to Alcatraz my focus was visiting the prison that housed Al Capone. I have been researching the life of Al Capone for several years. I wrote a research paper on his life in collage.

On Monday October 8, 2012 my Love and I will be going to the Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz. We will be seeing and experiencing a different aspect of Alcatraz. Many historical events have happened here, many historical people have walked on it. On Monday my Love and I will be witnessing history being made as Indigenous peoples gather in Ceremonia.

Below are a few images I took during a 2009 trip Amanda and I took to Alcatraz. I also wrote a poem about the journey to Alcatraz. Photos courtesy of Campana de Esperanza Fotorgraphy.







Alcatraz: Sacred Journey

(c) Angelo J. Sandoval 10-4-12

Preparing to embark on a sacred journey
to a place that
once was only recognized
as the Rock,
A federal prison
housing such infamous
criminals such as
Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly
recognized from movies such as,
Murder in the First
The Rock.
I now embark on a sacred journey
to the Rock, a place
reclaimed by our indigenous brothers and sisters,
simply known as A.I.M in 1969 and ended in 1971.

I embark on a sacred journey to Alcatraz
to greet the morning sun
celebrating the dawn of a new day
during sacred ceremony
Sunrise service on Alcatraz
bring light to the lies in our history books.
Bringing to light that great nations
existed on this land.
Columbus did not discover America.
Turtle Island, inhabited
by great nations.

I embark on a sacred journey in search
of the spirits of my antepasados
que ya estaben en estas tierras.
Esperando que la ceremonia de la madrugada
mande las almas de los antepasados del Huachin.

I embark on a sacred journey of healing.


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