Smoke from Sacred Sage: Poem and Images

Posted: January 13, 2013 in Poems and Photos

This is my first blog post of the year and I thought that I would honor the two most beautiful girls in the world. The two most important parts of my life, my daughters. I work hard to teach them many different things from different beliefs. One ritual that both girls love and enjoy is being smudged with sage. The girls ask every night to be smoked. They offer their prayers and I send mine along with theirs.

The following poem is dedicated to Esperanza and Isabella, my beautiful daughters.

I ask the Creator to protect them always.




Smoke from Sacred Sage

(c) Angelo J. Sandoval

Fire comes together
with a sage bundle
the flames unite with the sage
the sage, bright red,
it glows,
the glow gets brighter
as I blow on it.

The smoke begins
to rise,
the smoke rises
to the heavens
carrying prayers.

Two little girls
stand in front of me,
fighting who will be first,
first to be smoked.
Bathed with the healing smoke,
el humo sagrado y bendito.

Calm enters into the soul
of two young souls
living in a world full of
un mundo lleno
de maldad y oscuridad.
I bathe my daughters
with sacred smoke to protect
them from
bad energy,
bad intentions.

I smoke my two babies
with sacred smoke
given by the sage
provided by our Creator
The gift of sage smoke
sacred and protective,
carrier of prayers.


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