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Pow Wow
(c) Angelo J. Sandoval

The beat of the drum
sounds on the streets
of Burque
Indiginous people gather
drum groups create the heart beat
a heart beat
a resilient heart beat
that has continued to beat
though times of
genocide attempts
with diseased blankets
cut of feet
trail of tears
battles in Santa Fe
Wonded Knee
reclaiming Alcatraz Island

Today, descendents
of warrior ancestors
gather and dance
colourful regalia
powerful feathers
the sound of chimes
together as one

The heart beat of
Turtle Island
strong as
drum groups
created prayer songs
as dancers offered
prayes with movement
ancestors of these land
honored by descendents,
of enduring Nations

Please keep in mind that Native American Dance is a prayer. I respectful ask that the images in this post not be downloaded for any purpose. Lets remember to respect the sacredness of the dancers prayers.


Tragedy can hit at any moment and any place. A few days ago this tragedy happened on the Chimayo Highway



Tragedy on 76

(c) Angelo J. Sandoval

Highways, freeways, roads
commuters, drivers, passangers
traveling in one direction
or on the other

speed drugs alcohol
lack of attention
to surroundings
split second
two cars headone
cars become flimsy
like aluminum cans
speed the great equalizer
sudden impact
life changing experience
the delicacy of life makes
it self known
human body trapped in crushed cars
child screaming in pain
in fear
fear of what happened to her daddy
man screaming
blood running on streets
unsustecting third car
driver in shock
worried about small child victim

community comes together
in form of volunteer firefighters
emts and off duty nurses
the smell of oil and blood
permiate the air
cries of victims
and there family members
are carried by the wind

organized chaos
injuried transported to hospitals
family following right behind
lights and sirens of ambulances
fire crew to clean up the metal carnage
I fade away to be with my children and girlfriend
Detour takes me by the capillita
al Santo Niño
y oraciones le mando por
all those involved in the crash
victims and family members
may God Bless you
and God bless those who
put there life on hold to save lives.

National Poetry Month poem 17/30. Keeping up with the poem a day challenge.



April Freeze

(c) Angelo J Sandoval

Mid April snow showers
es el dicho
Snow blankets my field
flowering fruit trees
have a white blanket
over them
color flowers
exposed to freezing temperatures
the hope of a fruitful harvest
freezes away tonight
pinkpurplewhite flowers
changing turning
symbol of freezen
fruit flowers
who will not survive
early Spring
late winter
snow blanket freeze.
hopeless harvest
in the fall.
April showers won’t bring
May fruit flowers.

On April 17th, 2012 I was driving home and came up with a crazy idea to start a blog. I told Amanda that I was going to start a blog. She was very supportive of the idea. She was also surprised that I had already started the process and signed up for an account. For several days before hand I had been checking out different apps on my cell phone that allowed me to write my poems on the go without having to carry a notebook or paper. I came across the WordPress app. I downloaded it once thinking I could use it as a notepad, but then realize it was a blogging app. That afternoon of April 17th the idea of having a blog to share my photography just hit me. I was waiting to meet with some people for work and while I was waiting I set up my account. I named my blog Razafotografista’s Blog. The name was inspired by two individuals who have been subject to my camera when they are reading their poetry. The new alias were born and so was the blog.

Since that afternoon in Cordova when I posted my first post with an image of the beautiful southern view from my porch my blog has exploded. I have posted a number of my poems along with my photos, I have posted photos alone. I am proud that I am able to promote some of the greatest poets from New Mexico. In my blog you will find many autobiographies of the greatest poets in the world, in my opinion. I have worked diligently to capture these poets doing what they do best, share their truths with poetry. Within those posts with biographies I also promote two poetry events, Española Poetry Explosion at the Española Library and Speak, Poet: Voz, Palabra y Sonido. I have tried my best to capture every poet that has read at either event. I have photographed many poets and it has been an honor.

As of today, April 17, 2013 there have been 2079 visitors to my blog. I want to THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT by visiting and sharing my blog. I hope that the next year will be as rewarding as the first. New things are in the works for my blog. This month I started a poetry prompt post in honor of National Poetry Month. I want my photography to inspire poets and writers to create great stories and poems. Once again Thank you from Campana de Esperanza Fotography and El Razafotografista for supporting our blog and the work we are doing.

Remember none of this was or is possible without your support. Come by and visit us anytime, share what you see, be inspired to create and lets change the world one photo, one poem and one blog post at a time.

Hosted by Loretta Trujillo:

This is last minute, but let’s get out and support local poet and teacher Loretta Trujillo from Santa Fe. She is bringing a group of students from Santa Fe to visit Northern New Mexico Collage. During their visit to the college Loretta has set up a one hour Poetry Jam with a few local artists. Please come by the Collage and support Loretta and share some of your poetry with the youth. The event will be at the Admin area of the college at 11:30 am.
I will be posting photos on to this post after the event. Please stay tuned for photos of the event.

Reflection after the Middle School Poetry Jam Session.

Wow that was an amazing experience. The poets did an awesome job sharing some powerful words of truth.

Loretta Trujillo, host and poet.

Adán Baca, poet.

Adán Trujillo, poet.

Matthew Martinez, PhD talking to the students about NNMC and his work as a professor.

Dr. Patricia Trujillo talking with students and giving them some information and NNMC. Dr. Trujillo said that NNMC is the only college in the United States that has an acequia running through its campus. The name of the acequia is La Acequia de Los Vigiles.


Tony Gallegos speaking with the students and introducing NNMC President Nancy “Rusty” Barceló.


Nancy “Rusty” Barceló encouraging the students to learn their history and talked about the importance of Chicano Literature and how the Poem “Yo Soy Joaquin” encouraged her to learn her history and continue with her education.

Welcome all Poets and Writers to the blog of El Razafotografista. I have a challenge for you. In the spirit of National Poetry Month I have shared five images with a phrase as a combination poetry prompt. My challenge to you all is to utilizing the images and word prompts together or independent of eachother and create some great poetry.

The purpose of this challenge is to create bookmarks using the image and a poem.

Requirements for the contest:
¤Poems must a max of 25 words
¤ Leave your poem with your name and title as a comment on the blog.
¤Send me an email with your name to (to contact winners)
¤You can submit one poem per image, no more then five poems per person

Between May 1st and May 5th I will select one poem per image to create a bookmark. The winners will each receive 5 bookmarks with your poem. Bookmarks will also be available for sell, a set of 5 for $7.00 plus shipping fees. Images of the Bookmarks will be available for viewing on my Facebook Page, Compana de Esperanza Fotography.

If you have any questions regarding the contest please feel free to email me at Happy writing and lets create some awesome poetry.


small town ingenuity


painted nature


skull on the mountain


smiling death


darkened clouds

All images are Property of Campana de Esperanza Fotography and El Razafotografista (aka Angelo J Sandoval).

The past four years have been full of new adventures with Amanda Salinas, my girlfriend, partner, co-parent and poet, and most importantly my Love. This was the first time I celebrated International Women’s Day by attending a community event at my Alma Mater, New Mexico Highlands University where Amanda was asked to read some of her poetry.
Until this year I really didn’t know much about Women’s Day much less about any community activities being held. I was proud to be in the audience has Amanda shared three of her poems; poems that are powerful and give testament to the power of women, especially those in our lives. I was equally impressed with a young woman who shared her musical talent with the audience giving tribute to female music artists. Another women shared a poem by an anonymous author and her interpretation of the poem was as powerful as the words the created it. The community form brought a diverse group of women that discussed their struggle as women. The one who stood out was a young woman who is involved with New Mexico Dreams fighting for the passage of the Dream Act. Her passion for those like her in the struggle to gain citizenship and being able to live their dreams was incredible. There was also a group of women who shared a Polynesian Dance with the audience. This gave testament to the preservation and connection to their culture and roots.

All those women on the stage did an amazing job presenting either on the community form or in music, dance or poetry. I was proud to see Amanda reading her poetry. Her words are strong and they audience felt the strength that came from her poetry.

Below are some photos taken of the event. I hope you enjoy.



Here’s one of the poem’s read my Amanda at the event.


I will not be silenced

I will speak with a vengeance!

I will

speak against you and all that you are.

You degrade women with cold hard fists and harsh words.

A shame to your mother, you have become everything you promised her you wouldn’t be.

I will not be silenced

I will shout to the world

for my daughters

for all women.

We will fight against someone like you

like an army bring you down

degrade you

like you have done to us for so long.

No more will we

cry in shame

No more will we hide our bruises

hide in the dark shadows of fear.

We will not be silenced!

we will

speak with a vengeance!

we will speak against all that you are!

We will not be silenced!

The image on this post was created by Johnny Baca owner at tattoo artist of Johnny’s Placa Tattoo. My Tio had asked Johnny to paint an image of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe on his casket. Johnny honored my Tio’s request. This is the image created by Johnny. The poem is a tribute Johnny’s last tribute to my Tio.



Last Request

(c) Angelo J. Sandoval

The mid night oil burned
the smell of burning wood
the image of La Guadalupana
coming to life.

en lotra banda de Cordova
smoke from wood burning
filled the air
Johnny’s Placa Tattoo Shop
and artist
burning the mid night oil.

Honoring last request
a request
an image of La Virgen
gracing her presence
on a casket lid

Old customs, traditions
young honoring elder’s
last wishes.
Community comes together
like old times.
Cordova, land of poco tiempo
where ancient customs
come to life unexpectedly

wood burning
image making
artist honoring
soul departing
coffin last resting bed
all come together
as we say farewell
to a humble


Round two of Española Poetry Explosion at the Library comes to you on April 18th at 6:00 pm. The features are College Gorman and Luis Peña. There will also be at least two rounds of open mic poets.

Let’s drop by the Library and enjoy a night of poetry in celebration if National Poetry Month.



When he’s not digging through 1’s and 0’s, Luis Peña has been known to kick it in gardens. He hopes to someday become a seed saver and a hollow bone for Creator. His thoughts tend to drift towards cloud formations, subwoofers and the lack of water in the Nórte. You can find him in Santa Clara Pueblo or at



Colleen Gorman
Colleen Gorman, Diné, currently lives in Albuquerque and attends the University of New Mexico as a graduate student. She has been a performance poet since 2002, when she first started performing street poetry with the Angry Brown Poets. Colleen has been featured on Los Colores for her poetry, and has recorded individual poems on various CD releases with other artists. Her poetry is included in A Bigger Boat, published by the UNM Press, which chronicles the Albuquerque Slam Poetry scene’s growth and success at the 2005 National Poetry Slam competition. Colleen competed at the 2004 National Poetry Slam as a member of Albuquerque’s Poetry Slam team.

In other realms, Colleen co-founded New Mexico’s first state authorized charter school, the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School (MACCS), and started up a new public access television channel in Albuquerque. She’s worked as Director of Warehouse 508, Albuquerque’s downtown teen arts and entertainment center, and currently she works for the Indigenous Design and Planning Institute at UNM’s School of Architecture and Planning as their branding and web developer. She’s also been working on developing a children’s animation series for the past five years, and will start production this year. Her fine and multi-media works of art are currently being shown in a month long art show at Tortuga in Albuquerque. As an artist, Colleen seeks to share her conversations with the Creator and Mother Earth, indigenous ancestors of the past, and youth of today. Poetry, painting, music, drawing and digital art are the mediums she uses to share memory, and to spread and seek knowledge.

The following is an image of a rainbow that appeared on April 3, 2013. The sun was out, a few clouds in the air. I walked out to the portal and saw this beautiful sight on the south eastern corner of my property. This happened two days after my Tio Onivas’s funeral.


El Arco Iris Toco el Río

(c) Angelo J. Sandoval

I saw a rainbow
el otro dia
one end of the rainbow
touching down
en el Rio Quemado
el sol brillante
shining beautifully
nuves de lluva y sol
con cielos azules
at dusk the beauty
of the setting sun
illuminando los cerros Cordoveses.

Just days after my Tio was
laid to rest
lluva, acro iris, sol y nuves
a sign that my Tio
was on his jornada a su
(casa eterna,
la casa celestial)
la eterna morada
su casa verdadera.

As God sent his promise
to never flood the world
in form of a rainbow,
mi Tio sent his llena
of a beautiful journey
un jornada llena de alegria.

The waters of el Rio Quemado
the life source of Cordova
our summer playground
the starting point of my Tio’s journey.

El arco iris brillante
dando illuminesa
al camino que al cielo llaga,
the Soul of my Tio on his last
hike from the rio of his childhood
to the morada celestial
to enjoy the gifts from God
that await my Tio,
a man who loved all creation.