International Women’s Day 2013, at NMHU.

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Poetry Events
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The past four years have been full of new adventures with Amanda Salinas, my girlfriend, partner, co-parent and poet, and most importantly my Love. This was the first time I celebrated International Women’s Day by attending a community event at my Alma Mater, New Mexico Highlands University where Amanda was asked to read some of her poetry.
Until this year I really didn’t know much about Women’s Day much less about any community activities being held. I was proud to be in the audience has Amanda shared three of her poems; poems that are powerful and give testament to the power of women, especially those in our lives. I was equally impressed with a young woman who shared her musical talent with the audience giving tribute to female music artists. Another women shared a poem by an anonymous author and her interpretation of the poem was as powerful as the words the created it. The community form brought a diverse group of women that discussed their struggle as women. The one who stood out was a young woman who is involved with New Mexico Dreams fighting for the passage of the Dream Act. Her passion for those like her in the struggle to gain citizenship and being able to live their dreams was incredible. There was also a group of women who shared a Polynesian Dance with the audience. This gave testament to the preservation and connection to their culture and roots.

All those women on the stage did an amazing job presenting either on the community form or in music, dance or poetry. I was proud to see Amanda reading her poetry. Her words are strong and they audience felt the strength that came from her poetry.

Below are some photos taken of the event. I hope you enjoy.



Here’s one of the poem’s read my Amanda at the event.


I will not be silenced

I will speak with a vengeance!

I will

speak against you and all that you are.

You degrade women with cold hard fists and harsh words.

A shame to your mother, you have become everything you promised her you wouldn’t be.

I will not be silenced

I will shout to the world

for my daughters

for all women.

We will fight against someone like you

like an army bring you down

degrade you

like you have done to us for so long.

No more will we

cry in shame

No more will we hide our bruises

hide in the dark shadows of fear.

We will not be silenced!

we will

speak with a vengeance!

we will speak against all that you are!

We will not be silenced!


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