Middle School Poetry Jam at NNMC 2013

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Poetry Events
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Hosted by Loretta Trujillo:

This is last minute, but let’s get out and support local poet and teacher Loretta Trujillo from Santa Fe. She is bringing a group of students from Santa Fe to visit Northern New Mexico Collage. During their visit to the college Loretta has set up a one hour Poetry Jam with a few local artists. Please come by the Collage and support Loretta and share some of your poetry with the youth. The event will be at the Admin area of the college at 11:30 am.
I will be posting photos on to this post after the event. Please stay tuned for photos of the event.

Reflection after the Middle School Poetry Jam Session.

Wow that was an amazing experience. The poets did an awesome job sharing some powerful words of truth.

Loretta Trujillo, host and poet.

Adán Baca, poet.

Adán Trujillo, poet.

Matthew Martinez, PhD talking to the students about NNMC and his work as a professor.

Dr. Patricia Trujillo talking with students and giving them some information and NNMC. Dr. Trujillo said that NNMC is the only college in the United States that has an acequia running through its campus. The name of the acequia is La Acequia de Los Vigiles.


Tony Gallegos speaking with the students and introducing NNMC President Nancy “Rusty” Barceló.


Nancy “Rusty” Barceló encouraging the students to learn their history and talked about the importance of Chicano Literature and how the Poem “Yo Soy Joaquin” encouraged her to learn her history and continue with her education.


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