National Poetry Month 2013: Photo Prompt Challenge

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Photos, Poetry Events
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Welcome all Poets and Writers to the blog of El Razafotografista. I have a challenge for you. In the spirit of National Poetry Month I have shared five images with a phrase as a combination poetry prompt. My challenge to you all is to utilizing the images and word prompts together or independent of eachother and create some great poetry.

The purpose of this challenge is to create bookmarks using the image and a poem.

Requirements for the contest:
¤Poems must a max of 25 words
¤ Leave your poem with your name and title as a comment on the blog.
¤Send me an email with your name to (to contact winners)
¤You can submit one poem per image, no more then five poems per person

Between May 1st and May 5th I will select one poem per image to create a bookmark. The winners will each receive 5 bookmarks with your poem. Bookmarks will also be available for sell, a set of 5 for $7.00 plus shipping fees. Images of the Bookmarks will be available for viewing on my Facebook Page, Compana de Esperanza Fotography.

If you have any questions regarding the contest please feel free to email me at Happy writing and lets create some awesome poetry.


small town ingenuity


painted nature


skull on the mountain


smiling death


darkened clouds

All images are Property of Campana de Esperanza Fotography and El Razafotografista (aka Angelo J Sandoval).


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