One Year Anniversary: THANK YOU

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Photos, Poems and Photos, Poetry Events
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On April 17th, 2012 I was driving home and came up with a crazy idea to start a blog. I told Amanda that I was going to start a blog. She was very supportive of the idea. She was also surprised that I had already started the process and signed up for an account. For several days before hand I had been checking out different apps on my cell phone that allowed me to write my poems on the go without having to carry a notebook or paper. I came across the WordPress app. I downloaded it once thinking I could use it as a notepad, but then realize it was a blogging app. That afternoon of April 17th the idea of having a blog to share my photography just hit me. I was waiting to meet with some people for work and while I was waiting I set up my account. I named my blog Razafotografista’s Blog. The name was inspired by two individuals who have been subject to my camera when they are reading their poetry. The new alias were born and so was the blog.

Since that afternoon in Cordova when I posted my first post with an image of the beautiful southern view from my porch my blog has exploded. I have posted a number of my poems along with my photos, I have posted photos alone. I am proud that I am able to promote some of the greatest poets from New Mexico. In my blog you will find many autobiographies of the greatest poets in the world, in my opinion. I have worked diligently to capture these poets doing what they do best, share their truths with poetry. Within those posts with biographies I also promote two poetry events, Española Poetry Explosion at the Española Library and Speak, Poet: Voz, Palabra y Sonido. I have tried my best to capture every poet that has read at either event. I have photographed many poets and it has been an honor.

As of today, April 17, 2013 there have been 2079 visitors to my blog. I want to THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT by visiting and sharing my blog. I hope that the next year will be as rewarding as the first. New things are in the works for my blog. This month I started a poetry prompt post in honor of National Poetry Month. I want my photography to inspire poets and writers to create great stories and poems. Once again Thank you from Campana de Esperanza Fotography and El Razafotografista for supporting our blog and the work we are doing.

Remember none of this was or is possible without your support. Come by and visit us anytime, share what you see, be inspired to create and lets change the world one photo, one poem and one blog post at a time.


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