Poem and images: Tragedy on 76

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Poems and Photos
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Tragedy can hit at any moment and any place. A few days ago this tragedy happened on the Chimayo Highway



Tragedy on 76

(c) Angelo J. Sandoval

Highways, freeways, roads
commuters, drivers, passangers
traveling in one direction
or on the other

speed drugs alcohol
lack of attention
to surroundings
split second
two cars headone
cars become flimsy
like aluminum cans
speed the great equalizer
sudden impact
life changing experience
the delicacy of life makes
it self known
human body trapped in crushed cars
child screaming in pain
in fear
fear of what happened to her daddy
man screaming
blood running on streets
unsustecting third car
driver in shock
worried about small child victim

community comes together
in form of volunteer firefighters
emts and off duty nurses
the smell of oil and blood
permiate the air
cries of victims
and there family members
are carried by the wind

organized chaos
injuried transported to hospitals
family following right behind
lights and sirens of ambulances
fire crew to clean up the metal carnage
I fade away to be with my children and girlfriend
Detour takes me by the capillita
al Santo Niño
y oraciones le mando por
all those involved in the crash
victims and family members
may God Bless you
and God bless those who
put there life on hold to save lives.


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