Reflecting with words and photography on the First Annual Dance of Life Pow Wow at NNMC

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Event, Event and photography, Photos
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Introduction by Patricia Vigil:

1st Annual MSPI Dance for Life Pow wow- (Dance for Life = Celebration of life)

Our goal: To provide an authentic Native American festive experience blended with the need for information on suicide prevention. Awareness, Self-esteem building, community pride and love for Native culture and tradition.
*The beat of the drum symbolizes the heartbeat of mother earth, a celebration of life.

Patricia Vigil
MSPI/DVPI Project Coordinator
Circle Of Life-Behavioral Health Network

Reflection by Dr. Patricia Trujillo, faculty at NNMC:

It’s amazing how a gym can be transformed into a sacred space, but on the night of the First Annual Dance for Life Pow Wow at NNMC, that’s precisely what happened. As I was sitting on the bleachers, I commented to my friend that the drum is about feeling and filling – a shared heartbeat that fills each of us as we build community together. We know drumming in many ways here in northern New Mexico, but Pow Wow drumming connects me to the time that I spent in the Midwest. Pow Wows are Intertribal gatherings where even though there might be a host drum, all drummers and dancers are welcomed to participate. It’s a calling of circles. It was great to have that energy here at Northern, because it signifies our larger calling to community with a dedication to health and healing, it is my sincere hope that this pow wow continues for years to come.

Reflection by Dr. Matthew J. Martinez, facility at NNMC:

Shadeh is the Tewa word for dance. This literally translates to be in the act of getting up, waking up. By dancing one awakens. This goes beyond our known human existence. As one prepares to dance it is common practice while handling eagle and macaw feathers, drums and rattles that all items are given a breath. A breath to bring life, respect and all the manifestations of energies that consume who we are as people, rocks, mountains and animals. Whether one was a dancer or not this evening, this Pow Wow served as a gathering space for strength and healing.


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