Poem & Images: Humble Words

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Photos, Poems and Photos
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Angelo J. Sandoval
(c) 04-15-2013

Empty road between
Tierra Amarilla y Española
ending a day of service
to my community
driving, listed to
static filled speakers
the sound becomes clear
the sound is crisp
the song begins to play

“desdel cielo una hermosa mañana
desdel ceilo una hermosa mañana
la guadalupana, la guadalupana
bajo al tepeya”

memories of my childhood
run to mind as the
song that was sung by
my Tio has made his ever lasting
presence known
like the days of my youth,
my Tio would sing to la virgen
as he started his day,
walking to visit someone
to go help someone
or simply to take a morning walk.

devotion to la morenita
was strong
she blessed my Tio with
a happy life
kids, grandkids, great grandkids
nieces, nephews
many friends
and siblings.

I know when my Tio
is visiting
presence manifesting
through cantos de fe.
las apiraciones de la guadalupana
as it describes her appearance
it will serve as a symbol
a symbol my Tio
has come to visit

“a mi no me creen a mi no me creen
por humilde que so”

humble words for a humble man




La Guadalupana, in honor of my Tio Onivas

  1. Thane Padilla says:

    Adonna and I read this beautiful poem yesterday. (I read it to her). Then we were about to eat, and she asked me to sing “La Guadalupana” before the meal, that is, the verses in the poem. So I did and it flows so naturally, though I wasn’t raised in a Catholic household.
    We appreciate your story of how your tio visits you through song and imagery.
    Thanks Angelo.

    • They say not all Mexicans are Catholic, but all Mexicans are Gudalupanos. I believe this to be true about Chicanos. Thank you Thane for the support you have given. I’m glad you and Adonna enjoyed the poem.

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