©Angelo J. Sandoval

I visited sacred land
tierra sagrada
the ancients of on this
place make their presence known
Cool shade drapes over me as
I stand under large shady trees
Their presence is felt with cool
tranquil calm.

Holy dirt,
Sacred ground

Symbols of faith surrounding
Me like cool breeze and spirit whispers.

Crosses nailed to trees holding
rosary beads with prayers of healing
left behind by prayer warriors on
sacred journey to sacred land.

Prayers left for the ancients
to carry to the heavens.

Chain linked fences full of prayer
Like the air full of ancient spirits
Guarding sacred spaces.
Crosses line the fence
like spirits line the the mountain side
with prayers acceding to the heavens

My heart felt at peace
standing on sacred ground
Spirit guardians touch my heart
as I reflect on sacred symbols
nailed to trees,
holding rosary beads,
lining chain link fences,
My faith is restored,
my faith is solidified, once again.






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