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El Razafotografista is back in action. On Sunday October 18, 2015 I made my return to world of art. During the mural creation by Israel Francisco Haros Lopez I can across Sublmnl Rnsons.

Let me introduce you to this bad ass Hip Hop Crew, Sublmnl Rnsons.

Sublmnl Rnsons

Long time members of the Southwest’s largest hip-hop collective, the Dezert Banditz, Santa Fe members Cas Uno, Mr. UnXnown & AdrenalineTruth formed a trio which emphasizes beatboxing and freestyling as essential elements to their live performances. Since forming this group roughly 3 years ago, SUBLMNL RNSONS has opened for hip-hop legends such as RA the Rugged Man, Inspectah Deck, 2Mex, Awol One, Binary Star, Blueprint, Illogic and Black Milk, amongst many others. As one of the driving forces of the Santa Fe Hip Hop scene, Sublmnl Rnsons has branched out almost as their own brand. With Adrenaline Truth taking on the persona of DJ Shatter and DJing shows throughout the 4 Corners area, and Cas Uno and Mr Unxnown combing their beatbox forces as Iron Lungz, Sublmnl Rnsons has made their presence known in the Southwest Hip Hop scene.

Cas Uno

A proper emcee should represent all the crucial elements of the hip hop culture: graffiti art, break dancing, turntablism and rhyming. Without those, hip hop doesn‘t exist. Santa Fe-based artist, Cas_Uno, is a veteran emcee with years of experience and a slew of successful shows under his belt who consistently reps every aspect of the coveted culture. In 1993 when Cas was in his sophomore year of high school, the allure of hip hop culture started to take hold. He began to take it seriously once he moved to Arizona and participated in “Freestyle Fridays” in downtown Tempe. The infectious energy he felt was enough to get him hooked. With the proverbial ball rolling, he linked up with other like-minded artists in the area and “got his chops” at a local event called ‘Ancient Chinese Secret Night.’ Eventually, he joined the first of many hip hop collectives, Blowup Co-Op. Their established “Wicka-Wicka Wednesday” nights exploded into an underground scene large enough to attract the attention of promoters. Cas soon found himself and the rest of the crew opening for national acts such as Cypress Hill, The Shapeshifters, De La Soul, Linkin Park, Sole of Anticon Records, Scarub of The Living Legends, CunninLynguists and Abstract Rude. Around the age of 26, Cas was steadily gaining momentum. Showing no signs of slowing down, Cas decided to settle in New Mexico. He thought he could help establish a scene in the thirsty town of Santa Fe. There he collaborated with local DJ/emcee Perish One. Together they formed Mentill State and performed diligently around the area. After just a year and a half, Cas, once again, got restless and escaped to Austin, Texas in 2004. Cas was slapped in the face with an entirely different world of music. Back then, the chopped and screwed style of rap was popular which was a genre he was not trying to develop. However, Cas embraced the challenge. He adapted his production technique and the result was a more soulful sound. In 2007, he returned to New Mexico, this time with child. “Having a child changed my thought process. Now I focus on trying to educate kids through my more mature lyrical content and create more uplifting hip hop, “ he says. Currently on his mission to bring back the roots of hip hop, Cas is focused on new material and performing. Cas is undoubtedly one of the freshest voices to come out of New Mexico in a long time.

Adrenaline Truth aka DJ Shatter
AdrenalineTruth aka Pablo Paz is an aspiring hip-hop artist out of Santa Fe, NM. He has been rocking the mic on various stages from New Mexico all the way across the Pacific to Hawai’i. He has done shows with Binary Star, RA The Rugged Man, King Magnetic, C-Rayz Walz, Cunninlynguists, Slim Thug, Aceyalone, Opio, Equipto, Z-Man, L’Roneus, & Many More.. AdrenalineTruth also performs with the southwest hip-hop group, Dezert Banditz & Sublmnl Rnsons

Mr Unxnown
Mr Unxnown is a hidden force in the 505 Hip Hop scene, hence the name. Only as of recent has he re-emerged after years of being on hiatus. Mr. UnXnown is a veteran and master of the 5th Element, having been beatboxing for over 20 years, and writing rhymes for almost as long. He began rocking cyphers at Capital High School in his hometown of Santa Fe, NM with Crown Royalty in 2001, and bounced around with different crews and artists for several years after. In 2011, Mr. Unxnown was asked to become a member of the Dezert Banditz, and shortly thereafter along with fellow Santa Fe Banditz Cas Uno and Adrenaline Truth, formed the trio Sublmnl Rnsons. Since then, Mr. Unxnown has had the honor to share the stage with greats such as Inspectah Deck, Chino XL, Diabolic, Nightwalker, Binary Star, R.A. The Rugged Man, King Magnetic (AOTP), and Mr Serv-On, just to name a few.

The behind the scenes homie capturing the action and documenting the performances.