Angelo J. Sandoval, a.k.a. El Jello, a.k.a. El Razafotografista was born and raised in San Antonio de Padua del Pueblo Quemado, today known as Cordova, New Mexico. Angelo is a graduate of McCurdy High School, class of 1996. Angelo attented Northern New Mexico where he earned 1 certificate in practical nursing and earned 3 associate degrees in Libral Arts: General Studies, Nursing Science and Human Services. After 9 years at Northern, Angelo transfered to New Mexico Highlands Universtiy where he earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Social Work. His graduate degree was in clinical social work with an enphises in Bilingual/Bicultural Clinical Social Work. Angelo is 3 photo projects away from graduating from the New York Institute of Photography.

Angelo currently lives in Cordova with his wonderful and beautiful girlfriend Amanda Salinas and his two beautiful daughers, Esperanza and Isabella Sandoval.

Angelo’s photography adventures began in 2005 after a 15 day road trip from Ciudad Juarez to El Districto Federal, Ciudad Mexico, Mexico. Angelo was on a 15 day road trip learning about El Camino Real and Aztec Civilization. After his trip and 20 plus rolls of film, Angelo became intrested in learning more about photography. Since 2005, Angelo, has photographed events such as Los Pastores, Las Posadas, and car shows. Currently, Angelo, is working with Speak, Poet: Voz, Palabra y Sonido in Burque and with Española Poetry Explosion at the Library in Spaña. Angelo is photographing and documenting poets from Burque to Spana and place in between.

Angelo became intrested in reading poetry after a family friend entrust him to take care of pook of poetry. Angelo began writting poetry in the summer 2009.

Angelo’s photography has been published by La Sierra newspaper in San Luis, Co. Angelo has multiple poems in two editions of Declamacion. Angelo had a poem published in La Bloga in 2011. Currently his poetry is being considered for publication in an Anthongy beging put together by Poets Responding to SB 1070. A Facebook Page promoting poetry about immigration and the racist laws being passed in Arizona. Angelo has a poem in Lowriting: Shots, Rides and Stories from the Chicano Soul.

Aside from photographing Speak Poet and Poetry at the Library, Angelo has photographed poetry events such as Librotraficante, the Poet Laureate in 2009 in Burque and at The Projects at the East of Edith reading. Angelo has also been working with La Danza Azteca/Chichimeca for the past several years documenting the Velacion y Ceremonia de Nuestro Senor de Chalma.

Angelo’s poetry and photograpy are his gifts to his daughters and community at large. The madness behind Angelo’s photography and poetry is to preserve and promote old traditions, freezing moments in time for future generations to be inspired to learn about their past and identy. All of this is inspired by Angelo’s culture, traditions, history and the desire to promote Chicano Arte and Lituteria, giving young people heros and heroins in the arts of all genres.


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