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The following is an image of a rainbow that appeared on April 3, 2013. The sun was out, a few clouds in the air. I walked out to the portal and saw this beautiful sight on the south eastern corner of my property. This happened two days after my Tio Onivas’s funeral.


El Arco Iris Toco el Río

(c) Angelo J. Sandoval

I saw a rainbow
el otro dia
one end of the rainbow
touching down
en el Rio Quemado
el sol brillante
shining beautifully
nuves de lluva y sol
con cielos azules
at dusk the beauty
of the setting sun
illuminando los cerros Cordoveses.

Just days after my Tio was
laid to rest
lluva, acro iris, sol y nuves
a sign that my Tio
was on his jornada a su
(casa eterna,
la casa celestial)
la eterna morada
su casa verdadera.

As God sent his promise
to never flood the world
in form of a rainbow,
mi Tio sent his llena
of a beautiful journey
un jornada llena de alegria.

The waters of el Rio Quemado
the life source of Cordova
our summer playground
the starting point of my Tio’s journey.

El arco iris brillante
dando illuminesa
al camino que al cielo llaga,
the Soul of my Tio on his last
hike from the rio of his childhood
to the morada celestial
to enjoy the gifts from God
that await my Tio,
a man who loved all creation.