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It’s been awhile since I last posted to my blog. Many ideas have come and gone. Many thoughts have been lost to time and space. Today, I want to just share with you a few images of out Most Loving Mother of Guadalupe on her feast day. 

I ask of her to pray that I am able to get back to my poetry. Life gets overwhelming and can discourage you from doing the things that help keep life balanced. 

I hope you all enjoy these images and that you continue with your faith and that you increase your prayers and learning of your Catholic faith. I pray for all of you and please all of you pray that I am able to return to writing poetry. 


Angelo J. Sandoval

En busca de la Santa Misa
dedicada a La Virgen Morena
Anduve por tierra sagrada
tierra Chimayosa
bendita y saludable
El Nichito de la Guadalupana
me puse a ver,
mi corazon se lleno de alegria
cuando a mi Virgencita llege de ver
Ayi en su nichito
mirando a sus fieles llegar
a tierra sagrada.
Tierra que cura con el poder de Dios.
Mi Virgen Santa
a su rinconcito regreso.

El humilde San Juan Diegito
con su Madre se reunió
Ojos fijos con los de su Virgencita
El Milagro del Tepeyac
Llego a la tierra sagrada del
Santuario de Chimayo
Viendo a mi Virgencita en su
nichito mi corazon se lleno de
jubilo y alegria
Virgen Santa Maria Guadalupana
a tu nichito has regresado.





Siempre Lupe

© 2011 Angelo J. Sandoval

Touring the Annunciation House
On my way to the second floor, starting to
climb up the stairwell.
What do I see?¿Que miro en frente de mi?
A mural,
Un mural de
La Virgen de Guadalupe.
This mural is about eight from top to bottom.
A sign of esperanza.
La esperanza de que La Virgen morena,
Siempre quidando,
Un symbulo de juctica,
Un symbulo de fe.
The mural, la imagin,
Brings a calming feeling,
As you climb the stairs

La Virgin De Guadalupe, the Patron saint de la Casa Sandoval. An inspiration for hope. The photo above was take at a local restruant. The devotion a la Virgin Morena is part our life in the Sandoval house hold.