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Less the one hour before midnight on December 11, 2013 I am seating on my couch watching La Mananitas a La Virgen de Guadalupe on Univison. I have been watching Las Mananitas for at least the last 12 years. I remember the first time I found out about the 2 hour long program, I was excited. I made sure to get my VCR ready to record the live event to add to my collection of videos. To my surprise, my grandma told me that Las Mananitas comes on every year on the eve of Guadalupe’s feast day. I was extremely excited to be able to witness the beautiful songs that were being shared by many individuals at the Basilica. I made a promise to myself to one day go visit Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe at her Basilica.

As far back as I can remember I have had a great devotion for La Virgen Morena. It wasn’t till some time in my later years in high school that I was given an article that talked about the images within the image of Guadalupe. I became extremely interested in the secrets that where hidden in plain sight. The advent of home based internet had become a reality in Cordova. I spent hours searching for more information about the image of Guadalupe and found the account of her appreciation in Spanish, English and Nauha. I was in heaven. I was learning about an image that has been around 471 years. Today it’s been 482 years since the appreciations took place. I spent a lot of time researching her image and learning about her Catholic meaning only to find that there is a meaning that is older then what I had ever imagined.

Though all this background is great to discuss with you, I want to get to the real reason for this blog post. This post is to give honor to La Guadalupana for all she has done for me with her intercessional prayers during some difficult times in my life.

My connection and deeping devotions to la Guadalupana began in the summer of 2005, I found out earlier that year that I was going to become a father for the first time. I was not prepared to be a father. I had no home, no stability; I was still in college and living a fairly free life style. Well, as we all know life happens and bam I am going to be a father. Not many people know this, but I had a difficult time accepting the reality of parenthood. In July of 2005 I made a trip from Juarez, Mx to the Federal District in Mexico City, Mx. I was part of a group of about 20 total, including the instructors. Every city or village we stopped between Juarez and Mexico City I visited every church I could offering prayers. Searching for answers to my soon to be role in this world, a father. We arrived in Mexico and we visited the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, I visited as many churches and chapels within the grounds. At the end our time there I had found peace of heart and mind that I would be a great father to my soon to be born child. I visit and took a few pictures as a reminder of my trip and the esperanza I had found being in the home of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. I returned home full of esperanza and I haven’t turned back since. I am now the father of two beautiful daughters, Esperanza and Isabella. Both sleep under a blanket with the image of La Guadalupana. My faith in her intercession is as deep as my roots in my home town of Cordova.
Since my visit to the Basilica, my increased interest in photography and my new interest in poetry I have photographed many murals, statues and other images of Guadalupe. My first poem about Guadalupe I wrote while I was in El Paso during a week of field work with my master’s program. I was a student at New Mexico Highlands University. This poem reflects how Our Morenita is always with us. How she is always just around the corn and available to use for prayer and guidance.

A few years ago El Santuario de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe had a statue erected in front of the Santuario. I remembered that when the statue was being brought over from Mexico it was held up by customs. It was held for a few days or weeks. I don’t remember the exact time. I wrote poem to reflect that La Guadalupana was with her children, always. She became a victim of the border injustices that many of our people are facing daily. This poem reflects on how La Guadalupana accompanies her children though their tribulations.

In 2012 I took Amanda to celebrate her birthday in Alburquerque. We met up with our friend Ruzita while we were there. Ruzita took us to see a carving of La Guadalupana made by her father many years ago. This is a beautiful image and profession of faith. It was an honor to have been able to see this great image. The devotion and faith that went in to create this image was increditable. I was humbled by the great faith and work that went into creating this image.

This was a sad year for my family. My Tio Onivas passed away. He was one of the most faithful children of La Guadalupana. He would sing her song almost daily. He would sing at the top of his lungs and he could care less what anyone thought. His faith and devotion was deep in his heart and soul. One of his last wishes was that an image of La Guadalupana be painted on his casket, he asked local tattoo artist, Johnny Baca to paint the image for him. Johnny honored my Tio’s request, but instead of painting her image he used a wood burning. I know my Tio was happy with the work Johnny created for his casket.

The last few months I have been busy at work and not put time aside to write poetry, but I do take the time to photograph any image I find of La Guadalupana. I have created an extensive collection of images of Guadalupe. I know she is with me daily because she makes her presence known when I least expect it. For example, I took Amanda to see Ozomatli in concert for her birthday. As we are traveling south on 2nd street on our way to have dinner at El Paisa with our friend Andrea I spot a two murals with La Guadalupana. The next day I make a trip to photograph the image. It was a beautiful mural. During that same trip we went to Santa Fe and visited the Santuario of Guadalupe at night. I took some great photos and a poem soon came to me. This was the first time I had see this statue at night and it was a powerful view. Again, I knew that Guadalupe would be by my side no matter what I was going though.

In this blog I have provided links to my poems and images of Guadalupe. I hope she inspires your to create beautiful poetry, that she guild you in times of need and give you hope in good and bad times. My devotion is deep and I wanted to share a small piece of my faith with you on the eve of her feast as the night moves toward her feast day. I hope you have enjoyed the poems and images. Please share your stories on the comment section of this blog!

Here are a few more images for your devotion and prayers.






Photographing poets has been a great honor for me. I have worked with Española Poetry Explosion at the Library and with Speak, Poet: Voz, Palabra y Sonido since the beginning of both events. During that time I have also been privileged to attend other reading and photograph those poets as well.

This post is a tribute to many of the poets I have had the honor of photographing since the summer of 2011, when it all began. Aside from from the Poetry Explosion and Speak, Poet other events include the Caravan for Peace in Santa Fe, the opening of the Underground Library, Sostenga at Northern New Mexico College Garlic Harvest and the Librotraficante Caravan reading in Alburquerque. The collages are photos I posted moments after the event was over. The images were taken with my cell phone and collages created in minutes after each reading. I have writen poems for some of the events.

The last two images are of a group of poets and writers from the Española area. The photos taken were during the release of Declamacion II by Una Resolana. The people in the photographs are contributers and the production team. Not all team members or poets/writers were present at the symposium.

I hope you enjoy this gift of photography and poetry.


(c) Angelo J. Sandoval

Thoughts and words
Unite through inspiration
Poems are created when
Thoughts and words unite.
Poems create inspiration.
Then cycle begans
As poems inspire
Thoughts and words.

As thoughts and words
Run through my head
They unite to create,

I ask The Creator of Poetry
To send you,
My fellow Poets,
Thoughts and words
And that you
be inspired
To create Beautiful
And heart fealt

Española Poetry Explosion at the Española Library





Speak, Poet: Voz, Palabra y Sonido





The writers gathered
To share personal truths,
Held close to their hearts
Close to their hearts.

Speaking palabras del corazon
Y del alma.

Del Valley de Española
A la ciudad del Duque.
De la Biblioteca de Spaña
Hasta el Chante de Burque.

The writers gather sharing
Voicing truths,
Lost knowledge,
Personal experiences,
Love, heart break.

The writers gathered
To plan the next revolution
Con Poesia como arma
Poesia, tiene las palabras
De la verdad del pueblo y
La gente.

Los poetas se han reunido
A compartir palabras
De liberta y justica
Pa’ nuestro pueblo querido.

The writers have gathered
To began the new
The new movement for justice
And equality.

Sostenga Garlic Harvest


Caravan For Peace Santa Fe, NM


Librotraficante Underground Library, Los Jardíns Institution



Dreamers, Librotraficantes y Rebeldes

Angelo J. Sandoval
(c) 9-22-2012

The sound of the musica
could be heard in Burque’s South Valley
as musicos entertained those who
gathered at Los Jardines
where Dreamers, Librotraficantes y Rebeldes
gathered, shared words of truth,
Drink Cultura, Pedagogy of the Oppressed
words from the pages of Jimmy Santigo Baca to Rudolfo Anaya.

Burque’s Underground Library securing
Banned books,
books of truth and

La musica filled the air,
la comida, deliciosa.
Dreamers, Librotraficantes y Rebeldes
de Nuevo Mexico
Dreamers, Librotraficantes y Rebeldes
from Las Angeles to Nueva York.

50 for 50 States came together in
solidarity with each other
with our Hermanos y Hermanas
in Arizona,
racist laws like SB 1070 y 2281
Targeting our raza
banning our history.

September 21, 2012
history was made across this nation
when Dreamers, Librotraficantes y Rebeldes
made there voices heard.

In solidarity we came together
we came as one,
la lucha sigue
The revolution has gained momentum
Justice and Equality is our goal.

Librotraficante Caravan Alburquerque, Hispanic Cultural Center




(c) Angelo J. Sandoval

Like all Dreamers
High school students
In Arizona had dreams,
Dreams of learning the truth
La verdadera historia de su gente

En un momento de racismo
Todo esto se perdio
En una elecion llena de racismo.
The racist politicios in the words embeded in legislation that contradicts the law of the land el Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Constitution of The United States grants these Dreamers the right to learn there history, allows all to learn history from the views,
Of the oppressed,
Those who, ” lost the war”
The conquered.

In those banned books
Are the keys to events
That have and will continue to create a change so powerful
That the fascist, racist
Fear, fear that one day those they oppress will become leaders, the leaders who will lead with
Heart, compassion, equality, justice.
Librotraficantes have come together to help the Dreams reach the dreams they hold dear to there hearts.
Un sueño Que es Esperanza
A nuestra comunidad.
Gentes de todos rumbos
En la guerra para la justica.

Librotraficantes en in viaje des de
Houston a Tucson,
Llegando a Mesilla y Burque
Nuevo Mexico.
Nuevo Mexicanos
Siempre en la lucha dando
Esquina a sus compadres y comadres en la lucha por la justcia.

Nuevo Mexicanos siempre en el corazon los derechos encerados en esos documentos de libertar y justica.

The Dreamers in Az and the rest of this land will make this dream come true.

In the words of Corky,
“We shell endure, we will endure.”

Declamacion II Symposium at Northern New Mexico Collage



Feliz Año Nuevo

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As 2012 comes to an end I would like to thank all those of you who have read and shared my blog. A big THANK YOU to all those of you who have supported my photography.

Let’s make 2013 even more successful. New writing projects and photography projects are lined up for this coming year. I hope to inspire you with new photos and bring healing with my poetry to all of you.

These are two photos of my last photo project this year. It was taken in San Luis, Co. This project was cut short due to the cold, but the few photos we took were amazing.



(c) Angelo J. Sandoval 6-10-1012

La tierra del encanto
Nuevo Mejico
a land of hidden treasures
tesoros unicos
from Pueblo arts and crafts
to the wailing of alabados
of the mountain villiages.
Mariana was in her glorias,
coming to el norte de
Nuevo Mejico.

Marinara remembering the cuentos of
her vis abuelo would tell her.
Los cuentos de los
de los indios bailando pal
dia de San Juan o Santa Clara.
Los recuerdos de las acequias.

raised in urban US of A.
Eager to return a
la tierra del encanto
tierra de sus abuelos,
y sus antepasados.

Llegando al pueblito de su
abuelos, entre las montañas
de La Sangre de Cristo.

Pasando los dias
las Tardes con tio y Tia.
Marina escuchando mas
cuentos de tiempos perdidos.
otros quasi perdidos al tiempo.

La platica era como escuchando
audio tapes en la escuela.

would listing to her tio y Tia
talk about childhood adventures
de la inocencia
cuando el tiempo
pasaba como la Tortuga
pasando el camino.

La platica, changed direction
de los hechos pasados
a las comidas,
el alimento de aquellos tiempos

Tio Remigio disappears
to the limitation de treas
de la Casa.
minutes later,
llega a la Casa
saco lleno de chicharas.
Marina pregunta,
“¿que son, Tio?”
Tio Remigio le dice,
“son chicharas, in manjar delicioso.”

Marina was puzzled
to see winged bugs
in her tio’s sacito.

Tio Remigio,
en el Horno hecha
las chicharas, las tuesta.
Marina, puzzled
not knowing what to expect,
asks Tio,
“¿como saben?”
“como piñon!”, responde.
Marina puzzled and scared,
takes a chichara y las prueba
Marina puzzled, yet finds a
new connection to her abuelo y abuelita.
la comida, este manjar delicioso
Que en el Notre se come.