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Angelo J. Sandoval

I shed a few tears last night
as the choir and congregation began
to sing the song of your apparitions
I shed tears of sad
tears of happiness and joy.

Those tears of sadness were for your
Devote son, who has left this earthly
place, who no longer graces our day
with the song of your apparition
Tears of sadness because we no longer
get to share funny and serious moments
with your devoted son.

I shed tears of happiness because
You have given me a sign of peace
the song of your apparitions
bring solace to my heart
brings a message of hope
that your devoted son is now with you
With you in his eternal morada
In graces of your Son, his friend, Jesus.

I shed tears of joy
because I knew in that moment
of song and praise to you, Madrecita
your devoted son was at my side
singing with choir and congregation
your apparitions.
I felt the joy of his
presence next to my family and me.
The joy that over came my heart as
your song was being song with
faith and devotion
every note
every word
Came from the heart of all your faithful
Your devoted son came to praise you
he sat with me and we praised you,
You, a loving mother of our spiritual being
You a loving mother who has never
abandoned us, especially in our
time of need.

My tears were many
and my heart is now at peace.






The image on this post was created by Johnny Baca owner at tattoo artist of Johnny’s Placa Tattoo. My Tio had asked Johnny to paint an image of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe on his casket. Johnny honored my Tio’s request. This is the image created by Johnny. The poem is a tribute Johnny’s last tribute to my Tio.



Last Request

(c) Angelo J. Sandoval

The mid night oil burned
the smell of burning wood
the image of La Guadalupana
coming to life.

en lotra banda de Cordova
smoke from wood burning
filled the air
Johnny’s Placa Tattoo Shop
and artist
burning the mid night oil.

Honoring last request
a request
an image of La Virgen
gracing her presence
on a casket lid

Old customs, traditions
young honoring elder’s
last wishes.
Community comes together
like old times.
Cordova, land of poco tiempo
where ancient customs
come to life unexpectedly

wood burning
image making
artist honoring
soul departing
coffin last resting bed
all come together
as we say farewell
to a humble

The following is an image of a rainbow that appeared on April 3, 2013. The sun was out, a few clouds in the air. I walked out to the portal and saw this beautiful sight on the south eastern corner of my property. This happened two days after my Tio Onivas’s funeral.


El Arco Iris Toco el Río

(c) Angelo J. Sandoval

I saw a rainbow
el otro dia
one end of the rainbow
touching down
en el Rio Quemado
el sol brillante
shining beautifully
nuves de lluva y sol
con cielos azules
at dusk the beauty
of the setting sun
illuminando los cerros Cordoveses.

Just days after my Tio was
laid to rest
lluva, acro iris, sol y nuves
a sign that my Tio
was on his jornada a su
(casa eterna,
la casa celestial)
la eterna morada
su casa verdadera.

As God sent his promise
to never flood the world
in form of a rainbow,
mi Tio sent his llena
of a beautiful journey
un jornada llena de alegria.

The waters of el Rio Quemado
the life source of Cordova
our summer playground
the starting point of my Tio’s journey.

El arco iris brillante
dando illuminesa
al camino que al cielo llaga,
the Soul of my Tio on his last
hike from the rio of his childhood
to the morada celestial
to enjoy the gifts from God
that await my Tio,
a man who loved all creation.