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Nate Maxson was born last millennium in Cleveland, Ohio. He is occasionally a student of psychology at the University of New Mexico and performs his poems all over Albuquerque on a regular basis. He discovered poetry as a boy many years ago the way other people find religion or drugs and hasn’t looked back since. He has so far published two books and is currently working on getting two more out at the same time.


Buenos Dias les de Dios a todos. Hope every one is having a great day. I am posting this blog to announce a new project by Campana de Esperanza Fotography and El Razafotografista. We are calling for submissions for an anthology/photo book capturing the great poets and poems who have participated at Speak, Poet: Voz, Palabra y Sonido and at Española Poetry Explosion. The purpose of this book is two fold, one is to promote my photography by having photos of the poets performing and two, to promote the poet’s work. The submission of poems should be ones you preformed at either event.

This book is part a series of books featuring Northern New Mexico Art. Volume one will be “Palabras o Muerte”: Vivan Los Escritores Anthology and Photo Book. The submission time frame will open on October 1st and close on January 15th, 2014. You can email your submissions and biography to me. This book is focusing only on Speak, Poet and Española Poetry Explosion participates.

The book will be sectioned as follows:

Section 1: Event and Host (Andrea Serrano and Adan Baca)

Section 2: Poets who have featured and/or read on the open mic at both venues. You can only be featured as a feature or as an open mic participate, not both. (Space is limited)

Section 3: Speak, Poet:
Subsection A: Features
Subsection B: Open-Mic
Subsection C: Voices to Listen For

Section 4: Española Poetry Explosion
Subsection A: Features
Subsection B: Open Mic

You can submit one long poem or two short poems. A long poem is more than a page single spaced and a short poem is a page or less. When you submit your poem/s please indicate for which section you are submitting. Please include a 100 word biography, an email address and a mailing address to send model releases to get your permission to publish your photo. If you remember the month of your feature please include it, this will make it easier to look for your photo in my archives.