Humble Service To Our Ancestors

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Photos, Poems and Photos, Poetry

Angelo J. Sandoval

Humility has come my way,
as mother and son cleaned
away dust and cobwebs,
swept and mopped ancient floors
I am reminded of ancient
traditions, passed down through generations
of grandparents and parents to children
I stand on sacred ground where my
baptism and First Communion
took place, the same sacred space
where my antepasados shared those
sacred sacraments.
Sacred space where Penitentes
have graced the community with
ancient prayers and sacrifices.

I am humbled to be Mayordome
of sacred space,
entrusted to care for the house
of God.
Entrusted with the memory of
and blessed by ancianos to maintain
traditions and customs
of nearly 200 years in our beloved,
San Antonio de Padua del Pueblo Quemado.

I’m have been blessed by the
spirit of my antepasados
as the years go by
their memories will live
my daughters will so be
keeps of sacred space and traditions,
as the torch was given to me,
I to will pass it to my children
and some day to my grandchildren.
On this day three generations
shared a gift given to us by our ancestors.




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